Friday, April 15, 2011

These Kids

Good golly, you'll never believe what happened this morning. I was bathing Linc, and he suddenly stands up at the edge, places his hands down on the edge and with a ton of force, propels himself over! I thank God I was right there, was looking, and was fast enough! My hands grabbed his slippery shoulders as he was upside down now, his head maybe one inch from crashing into the hard tile floor! I then leaned into him and slowly spun his wet body around on the outside of the tub and lay his side down on the floor. Oh. My. Gosh. Had I not been able to stop him, he very well might have cracked his skull or broken his neck. That is terrifying to me. Please pray for future bath times. Wendy news--changing keys now so we can all laugh after that scary bit! Last night James made her an ice cream cone at the Chinese Buffet, and as he handed it to her, she said, "Thank you, Daddy! It's just the way I LOVE it! Vanilla and chocolate, my two FAVorite kinds, AND the kind of details I love on it---sprinkles!" Funny that she said, "details." And at a furniture store the other day, she was pointing out an ottoman or something she liked, and I could hear her as she was with Daddy around the corner. "Look at this good MATERIAL on it!" "Material?" Really? Funny. And Linc did something so wonderfully sweet the other day. He had climbed into the cabinet under the tv, and dropped a small but heavy speaker on his hand and fussed. I rushed over, comforted Linc and shook my finger at that mean speaker, saying, "No no, bad speaker! No hurty Lincy!" Linc then looks up at me with a small smile, places his big chubby hands on either side of my face, leans in and "MmmA!" kisses me on the lips! I felt such pure love and joy! And it was so spontaneous. It was his idea! He felt inclined to kiss me then in that moment. Reminded me of how James first told me he loved me. After his birthday dinner, in my parents' foyer, he placed his hands on either side of my face and told me he loved me for the first time. Awe....

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