Sunday, April 03, 2011

Les Adorables

So, once again, I find myself needing to do a major update, so to begin with, just the other day, Wendy wanted to swim, but we've no pool to fill, so suits on, and into the tub! And they made their own splash area! I love the way the camera caught the drops of water! So, this was a sort of ghetto pool hour, and oh so much fun! Just like big sister, Linc loves to drink from the faucet. You know what? Come to think of it, James likes to, too, so perhaps these little larvae inherited that tendency from their ole man! It's so cute.
I was trying to come up with an activity for Wendy one afternoon recently, so egg-dying! We got a dozen eggs, boiled them, and then I got two packages with the prettiest glitzy contents including glitter and stickers. Wendy was in Heaven. She wouldn't eat one, even after seeing how lovely it looked, and sliced with salt n' pepper, so we gave a few to her teacher the next morn!
James and I went on a baby moon to Rock Port! We thoroughly enjoyed the peace, quiet, seafood, and each other. We wound up talking about our kids, of course, and missing them pretty early on.
I love him more and more with the passage of time. James is my soul mate, I know that's cliche, but it's the truth.
We visited the Lexington, and I was overwhelmed by this vessel, the role it played, the men on board and their weighty responsibilities. My father was an officer on deck (on the bridge), so here I am posing in the approximate area, and my dad recalls the early mornings on deck with sentimentality as this was when the cooks would bring up fresh cinnamon rolls.
We stayed at a haunted bed n' breakfast, y'all! WooooooOOO Haaaa HaaaaaAA! We had a lovely time. The couple were very interesting, the husband shared the history of the house with us, in detail, and made amazing Eggs Benedict in the morning!

Spring Break---I took the kids to a park to play with Wendy's friend, Meghna.

And one day, I took them to the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory.
Big Man Hands...Already.
While there, she complained of her ears hurting...."Uh oh," I thought to myself.
So, as you can imagine, we made an appt. and were at her doc's the next day. Double ear infection and bronchitis. (Since then, Linc's been treated for double ear infection, and now I'm on meds for a sinus infection.) Allergies are particularly bad this year, and I, for the first time in my life, have 'em. Headaches, drainage, horrid. I guess my body changed after having Linc, cuz that's what the doc says.
We frequent the Chick Fil A's and Linc and Wendy enjoyed the outdoor play area one day.

After Spring Break, it was to La Vernia for Mr. K's retirement/birthday party! Mr. K is James' sister's father-in-law and a great family friend. When we got in, James and his father sat and chatted a while, enjoying the fantastic early evening temp. outside.
Gorgeous Grandma gave Wendy a ride!

Aunt Tiff and Uncle Chris came by...
I LOVE this age. I love how his face is evolving. My little love bug----wif a cowboy hat on!
The jealousy Wendy used to express all the time, I think it's pretty much gone! Yay!
Mr. K was surprised!
Linc, at this time, was not feeling well. He loves to hang out near the dogs...Oh, by the way, our church has an amazing cat, sooo sweet and lets all the kids and babies pet her! I want a cat again.

Little James and Wendy exerted tons of energy in this bounce house! Tiff was so smart to rent one. She knows kids.
Jamesy Wamesy.

Before we left, we spent some time out in front, and the kids really enjoyed playing with Grandma's Easter decorations!

So with all this sickness, it's tissues galore. Well, don't you think this tissue box is ironic? Stupid, I think.
Wendy stopped biting her nails! She's got a manicure kit now! I'm so happy!

Linc at his 15-month check-up and confirmation of his ear infection. He'd lost weight, due to his sickness, so was 25 lbs, 32 in long and head is 49.5 cm. He loves tools of any kind. He can check out his OWN ears. Leave him alone, y'all.

Wendy gave Pooh Bear a check up. He's old, we decided, but still tickin' on!
Wendy is Pinky, and Linc, The Brain.

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Julie said...

Oh my goodness...they are getting so grown up!! I love the picture of Wendy in the little white tank with sweet tiny red flowers - they match her lips and her hair flowing in the breeze. Gorgeous! Linc is certainly turning from baby into boy...killer. That boy is going to be breaking hearts everywhere. Keep him away from my girl, ok? ;)