Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Study Units

I am loving Wendy's school. I feel so very blessed to have met someone from her pre-k school whose little girl would be joining this school, to have asked the questions and learned about it, and to now be involved with her education. She reads to us now from her early reading books, and it's just amazing. And I have peace of mind as I know her teacher so well now, and see the fruit of Christian love as it permeates this school.
A little while ago, it was Daddy-Student breakfast and they had to bring along a boat that they constructed together, that floats, in honor of Christopher Columbus. Wendy's boat won the "Best Boat" ribbon! It helps to have an engineer for a father.
Daddy finishing up "her" homework after we put her to bed.

And I dressed her as Johnny Appleseed for their apple unit! However, the truth is she went to school looking like this-----one day early. WOOPS!

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