Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Wendy's Bash

We decided to go all out and invite EVERYONE for Wendy's 5th birthday party as we've been in the house 'bout 5 months now, and so many of our family and friends had yet to visit us--now that we're back in Tejas, y'all!

We planned to hold it later in the month as we certainly didn't want to miss the birth of James' sister's little Elly, who, actually, was born 2 days before Wendy's actual birthday! James' folks became grandparents again--this time, for their daughter's firstborn, and they enjoyed coming to our bash to celebrate the birth of their very first grandchild, too!

Grandpa making his famous salsa!

Homemade party favor bracelets....made soccer ribbon ones for the boyz, too.

Waiting for friends to come~

Craft Table

Her cake honored Pooh Bear (hey, he's been around as long as Wendy, right?), Uncle Sean (same b-day) and Eva Rose (cousin) as well! "Wendy, do NOT touch the icing!"

Bonus cake, you know, in case there wasn't already enough sugar. The pinata (of a cupcake) had more sugar in it. Might need to rethink the sugar quantities next year.

We served up hotdogs, pork ribs, gluten-free pulled pork, rice, beer, etc. Good eats.

Tot and BIG kid bounce houses!

Walker, my bro with a big voice, did our announcing for us (with his characteristic sense of humor!)

I think he said something like, "Gluten-free pork over here, and gluten-PACKED food over here!"

As friends started departing for their long journeys home, we tried to steal last-minute shots of our kids together, and these boys were hilarious, not wanting to cooperate one iota don't'cha know.

Finally, a hug at least, er, or a tackle?

One of my DEAREST college friends, Mary, and her girls stayed the night with us! Yay! We fed them, gave them a bath, and Mary read to them~they each had their pillow pets and seemed to go down well. (scroll down.)

After some time of playing Settlers of Catan with James' folks, we heard a noise coming from Wendy's room. Uh oh! We caught them! Scolding, finger-pointing, etc...

Now this is more like it!

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