Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How Far Would YOU Go?!

So, most of our peeps know all about our on-going challenge with the Woo Loo, lasting months now. She is afraid to sleep alone. "Tired" old story, isn't it? I mean, that many a child has had this "issue." I remember my traumatized brother after our other brother banged on his bedroom window with his fuji stick and a ski mask disguise. That was a dreadful ordeal for my folks, too, I am sure.
With Wendy, believe it or don't, it was the new Pooh Bear movie that undid her peace. It was "The Backson!" Youtube it. Hate that beast! So, we've tried nightlights (three!), door open, bathroom light on, breakfast room light on, our door open. No good. James has slept many a night on a futon, or air mattress, or the sofa in the living room right outside her room. I've done that a few times but can't anymore due to her frequently calling out to make sure I'm still there! This happens at random hours of the night/morning. I can't get back to sleep quickly after my near heart-attacks.
So, we took her to her doctor. We wanted to avoid medicine for her anxiety, so I had this idea! Linc's room! We tried her on the air mattress next to his crib. Well, Linc just partied hard for an hour after bed-time, both nights we tried this, and she still came out.
Another idea by Mommy! A cat! An old, declawed, lazy mama cat to sleep at the foot of her bed! A bed buddy! To keep her company, make her feel safe, right?! A hassle, yes, oh yes. An expense to add to many? Sure. Peace at night? WORTH IT!
We, the kids and I, then visited our local animal shelter and adopted Joey (this was a while back, sorry), a male, about 3 years old, handsome, loving, chill. His presence was not enough to quiet her fears. We liked him and would've kept him----until finally, in self-defense, he clawed Linc. I cried as I returned him, refused my money back ("put towards his next adoption"), and prayed for a good home for Joey (whom Wendy had nick-named Ranonymous.) Fortunately, she wasn't that attached to him and settled for a new fish instead! Also, the ants had just arrived in the mail, so into the farm they went, and we were one happy family once again. However, now James and I have to take turns sleeping with her IN her bed. Argh....So, some pics from Joey's time with us~

Linc just loved him too hard, don't-cha know. Happens. Like 5-year-olds with night terrors. Happens.

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