Monday, January 02, 2012

Catchin' On Up, Here...

Halloween Night---

Thor, of course!
For school, Wendy borrowed her friend's costume!

Character Parade at school!
For our anniversary, we took our kids to the Renaissance Festival, where James and I first met! It was the goblins and ghouls day, so we had to be careful to distract Wendy when the scary-looking creatures approached! She trick-or-treated shop to shop!

Fantastic Swing
This mask cost, gulp, tooooo much.
On another occasion, my brother and his family came to visit. His daughter sits with Wendy here. Can YOU tell which one is Wendy?
Eva Rose ~
Linc-da-dink and a tonka
Sleeping Beauty
Special Friendship
Land Pic
Pretty Boy Blue
Mimi and Da Woo Loo
Elly! I took several pics of her one day, and I love her sweet face sooo much!

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