Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life Lately

Well, Type 1 Diabetes is back on the table, sadly.
A friend who agreed Wendy's situation was puzzling, helped to get us in with the endocrinologist's office. Last Tuesday, they attached an Ipro to her backside, and this monitors her blood glucose continuously for one week. We are to feed her a variety of foods, and treats, especially the things she used to enjoy--like Pediasure and grapes (both of which we'd stopped as they contain mucho sugar). This test should reveal a great deal. And then we'll just go from there.
It feels surreal, especially when they gave her a pink camo insulin purse, an "I am diabetic" rubber bracelet, and a Mickey Mouse book featuring a diabetic monkey.
Wendy has gotten used to her four-a-day finger pokes. We have to test before each meal and at bedtime. All the values have been normal, however, they had pointed out to me that even her fasting bg, while normal, was paired with an insulin level that was just "bottoming out." She could be honeymooning, which means that her beta cells still function to some extent, but will soon be destroyed. We face only a 25% chance that this is a false alarm. Please pray that it is.
It's hard for me to believe that her body is failing, that in an era past, she would have died from this in a year's time, because to me, she is so beautiful and healthy-looking. I took these shots the other day.
I love her so much more than I ever loved myself, and I wish that I could make this stop and restore her immune system some way. I'll never feel the same way about the word, "honeymoon," as its new meaning isn't one of a happy new beginning, but rather means the end of normal, unaided health for my daughter.
I know I sound gloomy, but the reality is simply "not good news." Okay, so it's stinks, and the trials that lay before us are significant, however, God is in control. He loves us, and He has His purpose in this. I believed that when we first feared she was in ketoacidosis, and yes, we had a sort of reprieve, perhaps false hope, as the endo's office stated, but God's will is never outside of perfection, and I will believe, and will teach Wendy to believe, that this is to be part of her testimony in Christ.

Before we got the Ipro, I met with a diabetes educator, who suggested we return to Spoons, get the same frozen yogurt she had had before that first discovered spike, and see what happens. It never shot up over 140--and that was testing before she took her first bite, 15 minutes after she began, 1 hour after she finished and 2 hours after she finished.

Before resuming her "old diet," Wendy enjoyed making her own pizzas using whole grain crusts!

A much-needed date, not long ago.

Siblings enjoying their afternoon.

At a friend's little girl's birthday party.

Linc was enjoying these spicy pig skins!

What a funny kid!

The girls-------

One of the gals brought her new baby, oh so sweet.

The other night, at Los Cucos!

Linc loving his puppy.

And of course, Wendy loving her Pooh Bear.

Dancing at Los Cucos!

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Laughing out loud at the pic of Linc eating the spicy wings (or whatever that was) - but you failed to mention that he was also enoying a cold beer :)