Thursday, January 05, 2012

A Very Happy New Year

Well, we just got the miracle of our lives (my lifetime, at least!) So many of our friends and family prayed mightily for Wendy, along with us. Our pastor and the elders lay their hands on her and prayed for her, too, while we waited over a week for lab results.
Yesterday's follow-up appointment with her doctor was blessed. The lack of antibodies means it's not likely type 1 diabetes, and the fact that her cumulative blood sugar was 5.5, so not over the "6" mark, means it's not likely maturity onset diabetes of the young either. As well as I understand it, she had two hyperglycemic episodes that were confirmed with tests, however, as her blood sugar has remained normal since then, this is just going to continue to be a wait and see thing, and all that's necessary is her low-sugar, healthy diet and exercise. Now, her weekly finger pokes are two times, down from four.
Originally, this was most certainly type 1 diabetes, having gone unnoticed for who knows how long, and we were terrified, ready to begin education and insulin. God was our only hope for a miracle. I was more desperate than I've ever been in my 33 years of life.
What can I say now? God intervened and this is A MIRACLE!

We got the kids a trampoline, and set it up inside our dining room, so that they can get exercise when the weather outside is too harsh. This, so that we can help keep her blood sugar level normal.

Linc, looking like a DUDE watching TV!

Don't you love this face?!

The other day, I interviewed Wendy "as if you are a grown-up," I said. It went like this:

So, Wendy, do you work? --- Yes, at the utility.

What do you do there? --- I work on the computer.

Where did you go to college? --- A & M

What did you study? --- Books.

About what? --- Science.

So, are you married? --- Yes. His name is John.

Oh, so what do you like to do for fun? --- Hang out with my husband.

Oh, where do you two like to go? --- The coffee shop mainly.

Do you have pets? --- A cat, a dog and an inchworm. His name is Hermy. He lives in a cage in our "pet room."

So, what does John want from you for Christmas? --- A TV in our bedroom so we can watch it in bed.

Oh! And what do YOU want from him? --- a cleaner thing, you know, like a mop.

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