Tuesday, February 07, 2012


This evening, I was trying to fold clean laundry, in the laundry "room," if you can call this narrow space a room, and all of the sudden, OF COURSE, both kids come a' runnin' in! "That wouldn't happen," you might think if you know about our trampoline in our dining room, the new rocking horse, drum set, mini piano, tool bench, walk-in play kitchen, etc, etc, that fill our living spaces. Forget about it. Wherever I am--that's where the real fun is! They're in the mix of it all, completely messing up my neat piles, and tossing socks into the hamper and machines, and I just sit there, exhausted, and decide to laugh along with them. Later, while putting Wendy to bed, she declares, "Playing in laundry is the KEY to happiness!"
"So, I suppose your sixth birthday party invitation should read, 'You're invited to celebrate Wendy's birthday at our home by PLAYING IN OUR LAUNDRY!'"
She agreed. Strange child...Stranger mother---WHY do I waste money on TOYS?!

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