Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Super Bowl Etc

We had a few families over the other night for the Super Bowl, and it was just so much fun to catch up, stuff our faces and enjoy a game that really, wasn't all that important as neither team was "our team," you know? Still, a fun excuse to get together!

Before our friends arrived, I put the kids to work! Wendy emptied the bags of chips into bowls!

SO funny! When some of the confetti wound up on the floor, Linc went out to the back patio and came back with Daddy's industrial broom!

A good pic of Wendy and Cameran!

Then, the girls had a fashion show for us! Also, it just so happened to be Angel's birthday!

The other day, Wendy had a very sweet idea. She decided to write Grandmother a note, and then attach it to a balloon to release up to Heaven! Well, we soon realized that her notes (below) were too heavy to allow the balloon to rise! So we tore them smaller, and I explained that once they get to Heaven, they will be complete and perfect, just like everything else up there!

Second attempt, well, you can see that it sort got tangled up in the tree. So, we ran for Daddy to help.

Finally! Third time's a charm!

The night James took Wendy to the Daddy Daughter Dance at the Children's Museum (the first time), I took Linc with me to Johnny Carino's to share a bowl of spaghetti and meat sauce. But that night, it was raining hard, storming, and within 40 minutes or so, James and Wendy had to leave the dance, as he was on call and a tornado had touched down! Leaving the restaurant, Linc and I dashed off in the rain to Daddy's work to get Wendy! Fortunately, they gave James rain check tickets for the following night's dance! And this dance would have the little girls age 6 and up, so that was even more special for Wendy! And this second night, I took Linc to the movies to see Beauty and the Beast, 3D, but he is not ready for the theater. Wouldn't keep his glasses on, wanted to get out of my lap, etc. We left early.

The second time~These pics turned out better than the first set. My grandmother had made this dress for me many years ago!

My father took me to a Father Daughter Dance at the Officers' Club when I was 4, I think! I wore a blue velvet dress and tiny pearl cross necklace!

Linc, my doll-man!

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