Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Diet

Please pray y'all. Wendy is the kind of kid who is always hungry, yet oh-so picky. The new diet is gluten-free, sugar-free, pork-free, etc, very limited, and so far, impossible. I give her vitamins, vit. D, acidophiles, etc, so I hope we can get her to eat some of God's most wonderful foods---eggs, avocados, quinoa, and pump up her health some.
Sleepy Beauty~ Gosh, you know what? She did her Spanish repertoire for karaoke at Los Cucos (which she pronounces correctly, as opposed to her mom and dad), and this man sitting at the bar, so enjoyed her performance that he anonymously put $20 towards our meal, which was what it always is (fajitas for one, which is enough for the 4 of us!), $16, so Wendy, in essence, paid for our family! She's a professional now with a paying fan!!!!! James saw the man gesture towards us, so he and Wendy actually did go up and thank him. What an angel.

Sleeping Stud Muffin'. He's been SO cute lately, using his little potty, taking it over to the big toilet, dumping it, flushing it, rinsing it out, washing his hands. He learns processes well!

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