Thursday, July 12, 2012

Church Youth Group at Our House!

We entertained a bunch of middle and high school kids, and their teachers, from our church, at our hizz-ouse last night!  We made fajitas, and it was a BLAST!  Linc-man hung out with the boys, and Wendy, with the girls!  Linc was MESMERIZED with a remote-controlled car, and some of these tall girls spent time INSIDE of Wendy's tiny play house!  They must've been enjoying private girl-talk in there!
 Linc's hair sometimes winds up a bit scuffled, and his personality really came alive last night with all of the "big boys," and he was just in his element, y'all.
 They guys were throwing a football, and Linc was in full fan-mode!
 Later that night, after all the kids' folks picked them up, Linc wore the hat he'd made during my Moms' Bible Study Wed. morning, and little else.  He was still in such a fabulous mood!

 Today was Wendy's last day of testing, and as she worked sooooo hard and had such a great spirit of wanting to do her best on the test, we celebrated at Toys R Us!  Linc got his own remote-controlled car, and Wendy got little Calico Critters.  Summer's finally enjoyable now.  No one's been sick, so we've gone swimming, we go to Aerofit often so I can work out and they can play and swim with me, and I have enjoyed get-togethers with wonderful friends with kids our kids' ages, and these sisters in Christ have been, perhaps, the biggest blessing in my life within College Station/Bryan limits.  The Scriptures they call to mind during our regular conversations inspire me.  The strong, positive and faithful walk they walk in Him is truly representative of what I aspire to.  They are sinners, too, of course, but some of these women are so much further along, so much more mature in their walk, and I see it, and I desire that maturity, too.  Praying and working towards valuing above all material or secular aspects of this life, relationships with others (those which are healthy, true, trusting and loving--yet still flawed, of course!) and my relationship with Christ, through study and meditation upon His Word, and prayer.  It would be so fulfilling for my children, at some point in time, to truly see Christ in me, and trust its authenticity and want that relationship with their Creator as well.

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