Monday, July 02, 2012

Summer Today

This summer so far has been unusual.  The first big ole chunk of it has been robbed with sickness!  James painted Linc's room, so his toddler bed was moved to our room, and he coughed that croup cough again, so back to the pediatrician.  Doctor said the viruses that usually come in the Fall are hitting College Station hard as of Spring.  Ready for wellness!!!
Before he became sick again, we visited Wendy's teacher from last year, along with two of her girlfriends from class!  It was a fantastic time.  Her school is so excellent and I am so glad that she will get to enjoy next year with the same classmates and continue with her Christian education. 
 The other day, I surprised Wendy with a fort in our living room!  Just the kind my brother, Sean, and I used to make! 
 And SHE made a fort for her Zhu Zhu pets---get this, she taped Littlest Pet Shop water bottles to the side as hampster cage water bottles!!!
 Yesterday.  I love her eyes!
 Linc, trying to figure out the chain fence and the little fountain pond below it.  He is such a sharp student of life!
 In San Antonio, we ate at Momak's, and it rained and as there was no thunder, we allowed Wendy to dance in the rain!  She was delighted!  Aw, this is the stuff of life!
 Wendy loving my dearest friend on this planet, and Nero! 
 Speaking of Nicole, funny exchange happened once when we were with her.  She, along with us, is surprised Wendy won't eat eggs!  (Linc won't either--a texture thing, I'm guessing!)  She asked Wendy, "Wendy, now what would you do if all this world had to offer in terms of sustenance was eggs?"  Wendy shrugged, and James chimed in, "I'd be looking for that chicken!"  Ha ha...He is quite quick.
Below, a comparison of a page from Wendy's coloring book, and a pic of her with her girly cousins!
 The Father Daughter Dance I directed was a success, and was fun, and I just thank God for His blessing because I had no idea who would come, how old the average daughter would be, and man, I'm just so glad it was enjoyable!
James built the frame for the photo backdrop, below, and I covered it with the fabric I found and butterflies I made.  The theme was Butterfly, and the scripture was "He who is in Christ is a new creation!" 
 Wendy's Butterfly 'Do!
 I had three craft tables with clipped examples as centerpieces!  The one I feature below is the butterfly snack bag!  The other crafts were buttefly bracelets and foam name plates.  I did face-painting for all of the little girls, too, and they LOVED that!
 I hired a member to play piano and sing Butterfly Kisses and the Cinderella Song, and then we rocked it out with the ipod and did the limbo, etc!

 Loved how her hair looked when it fell out!

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