Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Shasta, Our One, *sniff*, Cat

Some of you know that our beloved cat, Daisy, disappeared shortly before I gave birth to Wendy. It is a sadness that I have in my heart. She was the very best cat I have ever had. The day she left, she was eerily affectionate. That night, she mewed outside our upstairs bedroom window, on the roof, and we decided not to let her in as it was becoming a bad habit. I never saw her again. I was told cats sense the baby's arrival and don't like it, so they leave. Also, neighbors spotted several large raccoons in our 'hood, so that scares me. I cried and cried over that one. Now I hear we have cayotes too. Wendy is a superior replacement, but I do still miss and want my Daisy Cat too! Here is Shasta, with her hint of happiness at being the only beast in our home. I love her too.

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