Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas Eve in Houston

Christmas Eve was spent with my family in H-town! There were a SLEW of kiddos! My bro, Walker, and his wife, Missy's three children Shep (3), Eva Rose (2), Maggie (1), and currently-womb-bound baby boy due in April, my bro, Sean, and his wife, Stephanie's baby girl, Hattie Ruth, born on the 4th of July, my Aunt Karen and Uncle Dan's three boys, Devon, Wesley and Victor, and then of course, our Wendy Lynn! My grandma was there, and so were her friends Suzon and Clay. A big crowd for sure. Tons of toys and oceans of wrapping paper. Our family is growing and growing. Next year we'll have our new little Dollahon boy!
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