Monday, January 01, 2007

Liz and Damian's Wedding Pictures!

My friend Liz's wedding photos are up! One month after Wendy Lynn's birth, believe it or not, I had to squeeze into a bridesmaid's dress that had been ordered almost two years before! Who knew?!?!?! Two weeks after her birth, my mother was still visiting with us in Washington, and we made a desperate trip to a seamstress to see if in any way I could possibly get into this pumpkin and cognac dress! With an inch out here, and an inch out there, and my very first girdle, it worked, barely, right up until I popped the seams, here and there, dancing the night away at the reception! Liz was absolutely stunning, as you can see from the shots, and her groom was too! Below are five pictures, including one of our parents kissing. My folks are right smack dab in the middle. My best college girlfriend, Nicole, is flashing an adorable smile in the middle of our line of bridesmaids. Ah, how I miss her!

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