Wednesday, August 22, 2007

To Fill You In....

Now that I'm done posting the best of all my dad's pics (ooh, except the ones we've taken the past 2 days or so! Ah!), I'll fill y'all in on the latest---Attack of the Killer Virus has run our lives the past few days! First my mom got sick in the night Friday/early Sat, then Wendy Sat. morning, then me Sunday evening, then my dad in the middle of that night, then my cousins, aunt, etc, etc. Plus, with my allergies or whatever I've got, it's just been bad. I missed my first dental appt. but made yesterday's. Enjoyed the first part of my laughing gas session, had what I thought must be "profoundly deep thoughts," but then I felt sleepy, dizzy and sick, and that was NO fun, especially after having been very, very sick! This virus we've all gotten is so WEIRD in that while "getting sick," you are incredibly thirsty! You keep drinking even though you can't keep it down! STRANGE! For James' birthday, on the 19th, my father and I had a plant delivered to him, but it didn't get delivered on the day, Sunday. But he got it and loves it! Then yesterday was my mom's birthday and my folks' anniversary! We went to Fogo D' Chow! (Don't think I spelled that correctly.) I enjoyed it even if I don't have my full appetite back yet. Same with my mom. Let's see, what else has happened since we became "the house of sickness"...Oh! We were invited to my Aunt Karen and Uncle Dan's for Devon's 12th birthday! We got to see his bros, Wesley and Victor too, and then my bro, Walker, his wife, Missy and their four kiddos came! Twas fun indeed! Dan is an amazing gourmet. Man, did we eat well. Too bad we got sick that night! It's been a whirlwind of fun get-togethers punctuated with severe, debilitating illness, but alas, memories shall be fun to recall! This evening we (my mom, the Woo Loo, and I) fly home to my hubby in Vancouver. One more thing I'm thinking of--Wendy update! Da da DA! Wendy can suck through a straw finally, and can "fetch her rubber ducky." Still have to motivate her to pull to standing, hold her own sippy cup (with straw), learn to tilt back and suck OTHER sippy cups, etc. She's learning though, so that's good! My mom thinks it's hysterical that I call her birthmark on her head (which grows dark hair) her cheetah spot! Gotta make sure I document that in her baby book. Looking forward to seeing all my peeps back home. Signing off, Laurel.

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