Monday, August 18, 2008

Early School Lessons

Today Wendy drew a "W" and then proudly announced, "double U!" She knows most of her alphabet (not in order, not the song except "abcd"), but she knows most of the letters. She also knows star, heart, and triangle for sure. What kills me though is that girlfriend's actually got a sense of direction, and it's clear that she does, and I SO do not! We were driving to IHOP, but it's close to Cafe Sip N' Play, so she said, "Going to Sip N' PLAY!" So, we did of course take her. Then, while walking on the OTHER side of our neighborhood, we were even with my girlfriend, Lisa's, house, and Wendy insisted, "Go to Lisa's HOUSE!" The houses in our hood all kind of look the same, so it just amazes me that she is aware of particulars spacially. She must get that from my father and James' father, who both have excellent senses of direction. My dad was a navigator for the Navy, so I guessed it skipped my generation and nabbed the Woo Loo. Yoo HOO! It was so funny. While reading to her on the couch, we had her soft pink blanky on our laps, and she goes, "I'm so cozy!"

Above is Wendy's "W." It was the first thing she drew, then she scribbled around it.


Sean, Stephanie and Hattie said...

W is for WOW because that's amazing that she can write and recognize letters!!!!

smithosphere said...

Wow, she is so intelligent! What kind of vitamins are you feeding that kid? Let me in on the secret!