Saturday, August 16, 2008

We have a doll-player.

Yuppers, we do indeed have a doll-player. She loves to set up her "dolly dolls" and gather up play food and bowls with spoons, and watch them picnic. She also loves to wrap them in blankets, or napkins (at restaurants), and put them down for naps. But lately, her number one thing to do with her dolly dolls is put them in time out and make them say they're sorry. Funny girl. She's growing up so fast. She's talking well, in full sentences. She's using words appropriately, words I didn't even know she knows! Daddy asked her if she wanted to go with him to the park last night, and of course she did, so he told her to get her shoes. She runs into the kitchen looking for them, returns without them and says to me, "Where are my shoes? I need my shoes!" She found Pooh's red shirt in our toy basket, so she brought it over to me and said, "I found Pooh Bear's shirt in basket!" If she doesn't like something she tastes, she spits it out (lovely) and says, "I don't LIKE it! Green bean bye bye!" and hands it to me along with the "yucky messies" she rubs off her face and wipes on my hand. She's getting hard to manage though. These last 4 days she's been whiney. Will not wait in lines well, cries, screams and has zero patience. Ugh, wears me out! But she's more loving and huggy too. So, I guess it's an ever-surprising evolution. We love her so.

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smithosphere said...

I'm not too surprised she's so grown up with her speaking..she's always been so ahead of Autumn in that area. But still, full sentences like that is amazing! I KNOW what you mean about hard to manage. Tell me about it. I wish Autumn would just take a nap on command and wake up happy. Like a year ago!