Saturday, August 16, 2008

Some days are more exciting than others!

Just catching up, here are some fun shots from Wendy's neighbor-friend, Ava's, 2nd birthday party (she's the one in the dress), and yesterday's Mommy and Wendy trip to OMSI (museum with fabulous kid-play areas). Some days are just more exciting than others!~~~~~~~~In this first shot, Rowan and Ava were arguing over who would push Wendy, but Wendy didn't care cuz she was being pushed!
We have a lot of neighbors with kids around Wendy's age, so we hope for a good fun turnout at Wendy's party this year.
See, I'm not lying!
There are three children in this swimming pool of balls. Can you find them?

Wendy playing at the water activity stations.
Wendy making a "rhino" with playdough.

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