Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life Right Now

Dog tired. Or is it Dawg tired? Or is it hog tired? I am so tired, I cannot recall! Isn't it amazing how we can muddle through this chapter, like zombies, and our husbands are zombies too, and we forget about how dog tired we were?! I know it'll happen, that I'll look back and be all, "Yeah, I mean, I guess I was tired. I don't remember!" But for now, I'm tired. Dog tired. Thank our wonderful Father in Heaven for His provision and watch-care over us at these times in life. We all seem to get through it unscathed! How marvelous a God we have! I'm ALIVE after 1 month of sleepless nights! And Wendy's nails are trimmed! And she's fed! And bathed! And Linc never misses a meal! Do I look good? OH NO! I'm a mess! But, that's fine with me. I can wait. Funny how I can detect the tired new mom at Cafe Sip N' Play, too. She, like me now, has no make-up, hair pulled out of pony tail in back, but she doesn't know it. Spit up on her yoga pants. On her rear. How'd it get there? We'll never know. But it did.


smithosphere said...

I'll pray you get some rest soon so you can enjoy your family even more!

Duelm Family said...

I love it- you said EXACTLY how I feel! DOG TIRED! And still alive- how can that be? 6 weeks of no sleep! I try not to look in the mirror- too depressing!!