Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa!

I just chuckle to myself when I look at my dish-drying rack. "Oh yeah, I'm here again. Pump and bottles have re-emerged after 2 years in storage!"
One night, we allowed Wendy to doll herself up as it was fun to see what she was capable of, and also, it kept her busy while we ate dinner!

This was my dress when I was her age....

Most nights, we play Settlers of Catan. Linc gets fussy so we pass him back and forth. Here is James "wearing" him. So cute to me.

I wanted to get our pic taken together, so we did! This is a pic of the pic, so it's not very clear, but you get the idea!

We're having tons of fun and it's great to get to transition into this new chapter with the love and help of family!

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KatieLee Photography said...

That's a great group photo! 5 out of 6 smiling is fantastic! Keep up your photo taking girlie! You're doing great!!!!