Monday, January 18, 2010

1 Month Old---Wow. Already?!

Lincoln is one month old today! I think he's gained a good deal of weight, judging from the difficulty with which I've tried to stretch preemie, and then newborn, and then SOME "S" sized outfits onto his baby frame! Another change is a regretful one---baby acne. Alas, he gets this deplorable army of little shining flaws -----from me. I guess! I know many babies have this "condition" at around 1 month of age, but my history with Accutane makes me think his skin is ---gulp--mine. He also has mottled skin, like mine. His hair, blond!, is still there!!! I am so tickled that he was actually born with yellow fuzz on his head! How strange and wonderful! He's still somewhat floppy, lethargic and newborn-like in his diverse aspects, and I am soooo looking forward to his SMILES! I catch only momentary glimpses, but I am so in LUV with his smile, y'all! So, I needed to blog quickly about his 1-month's worth of developments, but do scroll below for all the latest pics. The heading is so similar to the former post, but I assure you, 'tis DEEFERENT! Love and hugs!

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Duelm Family said...

Andrew got my mottled skin too! Tommy's is more olive toned (where did that come from?). Andrew has 7 pimples on his nose- they cant help but get our raging post-pregnancy hormones!