Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wendy lost her first tooth today!!!

Cousin Hattie, 2 months older, lost the same tooth very recently, so she was happy and willing to be Wendy's cheer leader! This afternoon, you could hear her encouragement, "Wendy! Keep wiggling it, and IT'S GONNA COME OUT TODAY!!!," "I see BLOOD on your napkin, Wendy! Keep wiggling it!" And Mary Ellen could be heard chanting along with glee and following the big girls all around Mimi's house. All of the sudden, they come rushing towards me! "IT CAME OUT!"
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Below, my mom shot this of the family barber with a new client, Baby Boy Ben.
Bed of flowers assembled by Miss Wendy Lynn~
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Example of good purchase, below. Art easel with chalkboard on one side, dry-erase on other, from IKEA. $15.00.
Example of lousy purchase, below. My father had the best intentions, bless him. $30 pool---with hole in bottom and canopy that is too heavy to stay atop or offer any shade (even with sprinkler hose detatched.)
Mary Ellen's Princess 'Do~By Aunt Lolly
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