Saturday, March 24, 2012

Days of Gladness

This morning's breakfast with Daddy--gluten-free waffles, sugar-free pancakes with sugar-free syrup, strawberries, and cheese toast. Wendy eats more than any of us, and I know that extreme hunger is a symptom of developing Type 1, so while it does cause my stress, I also realize that she may be on a growth spurt.
Her big appointment with Texas Childrens is coming up in a couple weeks, so please pray for this official second opinion to differ from the prevailing belief we've encountered thus far.
I know she's had numbers far outside the normal range, earlier on, but we often get normal numbers, too, even when we expect otherwise. Still no thirst or frequent trips to toilet. The main symptom is the constant hunger--and, she appears pretty thin (however, I was, too, at her age). Of course we avoid sugar, white foods, processed foods, etc, so who knows what would happen with chicken nuggets and orange juice followed by a hershey kiss or two, you know? We hope for the best. We're living on our knees.
Chinese Water Colors~ I'm working on some Asian-inspired miniature paintings for my mom's bedroom, to go over the headboard of their new bed and in between two Japanese lamps, and Wendy's been trying her hand at paintings of Pooh Bear with abandon. Here she is the second day of painting, before I set up her supplies for her.

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