Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break

Yesterday morning, we had nursery duty, and Miss Wendy was our helper! She rocked baby Brady, and he just loved her attention. She was also proud to wear her brand new Matilda Jane dress, which I ordered from my friend's trunk show. Love the colors on her complexion.
Below, James loving on two babies---Brady loves Lilly, and he's rather aggressive!Ah....Wendy's first lost tooth~ the night we "readied" it for under her pillow!Wendy knows the Tooth Fairy is me. Long story, but she was questioning the reality of Santa, etc, in the same vein----er----well, "Is Santa really real?! What about the Easter Bunny? What about God?!" So, James and I glanced at each other, and James made the call I hoped he would when he explained. I then said, "I cannot WAIT to be your Easter Bunny! I've always WISHED to be one!" And then, of course, came the "Now, do NOT tell your friends...bla bla bla."
Wendy decided to place her pillow on the floor of her room. It's actually a pillow made by her old best friend's mom, whose family we left in Vancouver, Wa. Thankfully, we keep in touch. Her's has Anna Marie's name on it, and the reverse for Anna. Sweet girls.
She fell asleep, and behold her bounty!"Good Morning, Woo Loo!" A-HAAA!!!She was delighted with her new battery-operated Dora toothbrush, sweet big-girl paste, puzzle-doll, sugar-free gum and $5!In Houston, Wendy, Linc and cousins enjoyed Wonderwild! Here they are lunchin'.Lost in cheese~My Ben-man. Cuuuute!"Bead-working" with Cousin Mary Ellen!Splashin' Girls!Relaxin' with a show...Crazy man needs to simmah down nah."Attempted" slumber party. Had to separate them at 11 when they were still goofing off!Oh, the JOY! Wendy and Hattie, 2 mos. difference, are so similar. So glad they have their love.Before we went to H-town, James, the kids and I took a 4-day trip. I let Wendy borrow my camera. Her images---
Image #1 Wendy's Title "Pooh Bear's Portrait and Diamonds" (don't understand the diamonds reference-?)
Image #2 Titled (by Wendy) "Daddy Driving in the Car"Image #3 Wendy calls this one "Lincoln is a Stinky Linky Boy!"I spotted this fan in an antique shop, and thought the little girl featured resembled Wendy. Wendy wants to title this pic, "Mommy Shopping for Something that Looks Like Me." (She and I are working on this post together.)"Dinner for Wendy," by Wendy."Wendy Making a Silly Face."Linc being cute.After our tour of the prison museum in Huntsville. Time for their "diabetic-friendly bars."Wendy in jail with Pooh. What on Earth did they do to wind up here?! (This was a great opportunity to emphasize the importance of good behavior to Wendy!)In a hotel---Linc not wantin' to call it quits."Ah, Mom, the flash. Please.""Mommy, I like that flash!" (This is what Wendy just told me to type!)At the Dallas Fairgrounds~In swimmer diaper by fountain.Wendy, "Can I PLEASE title that one? I like it SO much!" "Okay, Wendy." Titled, "The Swimming Party of Fun."Whatever happened to the statement that goes something like this, "Your child may wander from you, but he/she will never venture further than 100 yards from your site." Um, no. We had to chase this guy.Wendy calls this pic, "You Have to Watch Your Child When She's Running Down the Street."Bird-stalking.I love this man.Spazzy-Oh, I just got cut-off. Wendy wants to title this one, "Spazzy Wendy and Restaurant."Just now waking..."Pooh Bear Having Portrait Taken With Wendy," she says."Lincoln in Bed," titled by you-know-who!Lincoln fell asleep at Sharks Imax show, as did Daddy!Childrens' Museum~Milking Cow!Wendy and the Magic School Bus!Pooh Bear and "J C Penney" ready for the night in our first "mo-tel." Wendy learned the difference between a motel and a hotel. When we stayed in a hotel the second night, she said, "You mean we get to access our room via a HALLWAY?!"Oh yeah, Linc was right at home--anywhere.Before our trip, I let Wendy run and play in the rain for the first time. I kind of "caught" her doing it already. It was so sweet and fun. She made up songs about how dancing in the rain is the key to happiness! She wants this pic to be titled, "Wendy Does a Dance."Dry-cleaned a shirt of Linc's, which was terribly stained. How CUTE is this?!

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