Friday, October 24, 2008

The Roloffs!

Last weekend we went to the Roloff Farm for their big pumpkin patch event, and I had hoped aloud that we'd get the chance to spot at least one of the Roloffs, you know, the family of the popular TLC show, Little People, Big World? WELL, I got my wish! We were in a line of cars for about an hour or more before we gained entrance, and upon exiting the van, I look up and who looks down at me from the hayride car? JEREMY ROLOFF! We smiled and waved! Then, we're walking through the gate and who pulls up right beside us in a cart? MATT ROLOFF, the dad! He was offering to take pics with folks, so Wendy and I jumped in for one! Then, later we met his wife, Amy Roloff, and during the hayride tour, we met Zac, Molly and Matt's parents! It was incredible! They were so accessible! We were star-struck for sure.

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