Thursday, October 16, 2008

Babies are a'comin'!

It is a very blessed time. Babies are popping up like new stars in the sky. My dear friend, Mary, in Maryland found out that their second lil' one on the way is to be another girly girl (she's the best baby-namer I've ever known! I'd tell y'all the name they're thinking of, but I'm afraid it might not yet be decided), my neighbor, Julie, is having a boy to follow her little girl, Ava, my sweetheart friend, Leslie, is having a boy to follow her little girl, Hayden, Lori and Kyle are expecting, other friends are too, and some are trying or are going to, and now I've just found out that my cousin, Christie, is having another boy! It's interesting because half have another of the same sex, and half will soon have one of each! Hmmm...50-50 every time! James and I have the go-ahead to try again any time, but we will wait until after my lithotripsy for my kidney stones. I just want to make sure I'm as healthy as I can be at that time, and I don't want impaired kidney function to get in the way. I'm so excited about this new batch of babies, this parade of cutie patooties, and I can't wait to hold newborns in my arms again. I saw one today at Cafe Sip N' Play, and she was just 2 weeks old, so tiny, so soft, so pink. God is so good.


Luke's Momma said...

I am SO confident that you will hold your own precious newborn in those arms of yours in not so very long.
You were created for mother hood, you are just so good at it! Wendy is adorable, intelligent, and thriving.
I pray those kidney stones hit the road and never come back!
See you soon!

Kari said...

Keep the faith....It will happen

Sean and Stephanie said...

When are you having the procdure done?

We are so hopeful that soon after you get your kidneys taken care of, we'll get a phone call from y'all with some exciting news :)! We pray for that!