Monday, October 27, 2008

More Pumpkin-Patchin'!

We went to another pumpkin patch the other day, and it was really beautiful outside! We were so blessed to have a second lovely pumpkin day! That evening, we went to an Asian restaurant in Portland and scarfed down amazing curry. Wendy loved the "eat house" and we called it "a Fancy Nancy Eat House" so that she would behave like a fancy Wendy and be a good girl. It worked! We're really getting into the Fall spirit, and I made tons of Chex Mix for our neighbors (and myself of course!), and we look forward to a hopefully decent evening Halloween night. Oh! And my dad had seen this on the news, but the patch we went to was the one that had the corn maze that from the air is a portrait of McCain and Obama! We got through it without getting lost! Strange thing: Lately I am finding valuable lost items. I found a woman's license and debit card and James wound up taking them to her last week, and then, in the corn maze, I found a retainer and it was such a blessing because the man I told, a man working there, knew right away that it was his daughter's! There were TONS of families there, so that was a blessing! The retainer was in a dusty dirt patch right next to tons of corn stalk debris, so it was a miracle that my eyeballs landed upon it! Whoop! Another interesting blessing is that I've been getting lots of free stuff lately. I found a card for a free donut at Dot Donuts, put it in my wallet, then James told me about this new donut shop, so I went, remembered the card, and used it! Then, at McDonalds, I ordered a Mocha coffee. The gal asked if it was my first mocha. I said yes, so it was free! Then she gave me a free hashbrown deal because she thought Wendy was so cute! Then, I get a free entree from Panda Express because I filled out an online survey! THEN, at Starbucks Sunday morning, before church, I ordered a black forest ham sandwich, and this dude grabbed it, and it wasn't his, and it was the last one, so the gal felt bad for me because my breakfast was stolen, so she gave me two sandwiches and a free coffee card. Then, I got a free 8 by 10, free sitting fee at JCPenneys so I used it for Wendy's Halloween Costume portrait! It's nice to get free stuff lately cuz we're on a budget. Thank you GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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