Friday, October 10, 2008

You're Tagged!

My good friend, Lisa, whose blog is among my listed friend blogs, tagged me! She did this really fantastic and interesting summary of her life as it was 20 years ago, then 10 years ago, then 5, then 3, then 1 year ago, then what it's like today and what it will likely be like tomorrow! Hers is sooo cute! I tag every single one of you all who read my blog and who have a blog spot. YOUR TURN! So, here's mine...
I don't have any old photos saved to my computer, so just imagine what my life was like 20 years ago. I was nine. I was living in Atsugi, Japan as a Navy brat. My brothers and I modeled, and I had a Persian cat, named Cleo. I whined a lot. My brothers called me and my cat, "Whine Master and her companion, Flat Face." I collected Sanrio Surprises pencils. I rollerskated off base with my friend, Christie Dickerson, and we'd flash our ID's and head off to Chijitsuya Department Store for candy and toys, and then we'd go to the ship park and feed the human-faced fish! Life was fabulous.
10 years ago, (still no pics, sorry!), I was 19, I guess I was a freshman at Texas A & M ---WHOOP! I was general studies, and my potluck roomie was WEIRD and scary so I moved in with Nicole, my best friend! Our core group of friends consisted of the two of us, Mary, Julie and Linda. We threw each other surprise birthday parties, invited each other's other friends, and are still in touch, although our lives are all so busy now.
5 years ago, I was dating James! I was head over heels in love with him. He told me he loved me for the first time on his birthday, August 19, 2003. That's sorta close to five years ago! We married Oct. 30 of '04 so we're gaining on our fourth anniversary! Below's a pic from our wedding reception!

We bought our first house in Dickinson, Texas, only to sell it 9 mos. later as we moved out here! Our first house....

3 years ago, we went on our first wedding anniversary CRUISE to Mexico, and ON that fateful vacation, decided to conceive The Woo Loo, and from the top deck of the massive ship, I tore my foil of pills in half, gave one half to James, and we threw them overboard, but the wind blew half of them back to us! So, we chuckled, threw them out again, and took each other's hands, and bowed our heads, and prayed that the Lord would bless us as we tried to make a family, and HE DID! Immediately! Below's a picture of us from that cruise!

Here's one of the first pics of The Woo Loo!

One year ago, we were enjoying the Fall with our beautiful Wendy Lynn, and below is a picture of her with her daddy at Sauvie Island, I believe! She was still round and babyish.

Today is a life of "Whadisit, Mommees?" and cuddles and fun, and tomorrow will be the same, and Lord willing, one year from now, we'll look back on today and be able to post a picture of a 3-yr-old Wendy holding a baby sister or brother, but time will tell....


Sean and Stephanie said...

Hattie has the same kitty cat shirt that WooLoo is wearing in that last pic.

And I enjoyed this so much that I just did it on my blog.

I hear you're sick......hope you get well soon! :(

Luke's Momma said...

So much fun to read!
I just read from Stephanie's comment that you are sick!!!! oh dear...I'm praying for you. Feel better soon!
When you do feel better, I'm starting a walking group for our community....every Tuesday at 11!
I'm dropping off flyers at the houses tomorrow.