Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Glimpses of The Woo Loo

Applying the make-up Mimi sent. A girl's gotta glam it up from time to time!

As I took a soak, James and Wendy played in her room, and she came into the bathroom over and over again holding an animal and a diaper and insisting, "Parrot needs a diaper, Mommy!," returning with Mickey, "Mickey needs a diaper, Mommy!" I diapered about 6 animals...while I tried to relax. A mother's job never takes a recess.

Looking oh-so-cute in her striped stockings and winter hat!

With her little girlfriend, Anna Marie.

1 comment:

Luke's Momma said...

Love the diapers on the animals!
I just love the Woo Loo! I hope she comes to play on Thursday.
Thanks for the chex mix too.