Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Blessed Christmas in '08 PART 2

Christmas, part 2, was at my folks' house in Houston. Christmas Eve we all got together to open presents. My folks surprised my brother, Sean, with a Wii, and as you can see in the background, my other brother, Walker, is miffed. Of course he was joking. He got money.

"Yay! Santa came!!!"

Tea time with Wendy and Hattie!
My grandmother with all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren!

Playing in Mimi and Granddaddy's backyard is oh so much fun!
We took the girls to a Mexican restaurant, and they took "clean your plates" to heart!
Wendy is in LOVE with cousin Devon! Seriously! She followed him around everywhere and begged him to hold her!
Wendy got this discintigrating ball for the bathtub that turned their water blue and revealed a surprise toy walrus inside!
This is the dorkiest picture of myself I've taken in a while, but I laugh every time I see it, and it's good to laugh at yourself, right? I had fun with Stephanie and Katie at Chick-Fil-A and Highland Village!
At the Chocolate Bar...mmmmmm!
At Dan and Karen's house, my grandmother sitting beside my "Uncle Nando."

Towards the end of our visit, Wendy on the phone with her Daddy, who'd had to leave before us in order to work. Pooh!

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