Thursday, January 08, 2009

Blessed Love

December 27th, my dear friend of nearly 10 years married a wonderful man and lived happily ever after... My father took these portraits prior to their ceremony. I enhanced them on his computer.
Sharing a bottle of wine....
Meanwhile, we ladies enjoyed a little relaxation at the church...
An inspired Wendy Lynn tried her hands at the keys in the bridal suite...
Friends and family began to arrive and Wendy did her best to assist with wedding details wherever needed, but mostly that just meant looking cute!
...And looking out for any stragglers!
Oh, and of course she giggled upon Aunt Nicole's satin dress, which she rather enjoyed using as a slide!
The exchanging of vows moved all to tears and sighs of joy and satisfaction at the wonderful workings of our Loving Father, and afterwards, an elegant and laughter-filled reception was "the icing on the cake!"

In piping on the sides of the cake, "I am my beloved's...My beloved is mine."
The moment came for the groom to take his bride off into the sunset, so next door we all paraded with rose petals in hand, and in front of the old Faunt Hotel, we saw them off! Here is Mimi holding a sleepy Wendy...

Her rings are extraordinary with a setting made to look like her favorite bridge in Europe, and her diamond is a special new square-cut with more cuts than others, called the Queen of Hearts! I took this photo for her to have.
Our bouquets, having their rest at the end of the day...
Before Julie got into her bridal gown, I zoomed in on some of this intricate beadwork.
The night before was a hoot-filled time at their rehearsal and dinner at the Mexican restaurant there in New Braunfels!

And what kind of friends would we be if we didn't throw her a surprise shower?!?!
Nancy and Nicole getting everything ready!
We are so pleased every time the Lord sees fit to bless us with love, in the form of our life-long friends, spouses and children. This was an occasion that will remain vivid in my heart and I look forward to seeing the other blessings that will come out of the love shared between Julie and Curt!


Texana said...

Laurel, you did such a lovely job of chronicling Julie's and Curt's special day. We are so grateful to you and your family for ALL the love, prayers, support, ASSISTANCE, kind words, and photos and videos of this event. I can truly say it would not have been the same, or as much fun, without you all. Give sweet Wendy and your wonderful James a special hug for me.
Love, Pat

Katie said...

Love the shot of the back of her dress!! nice shot!

Ruth said...

Hey-Ruth Mes here, I am glad to have found your blog. The pictures are beautiful, it gave me a good idea about Julie's special day. I have enjoyed reading your blog and finding about how you've been doing. We are in Idaho, we used to live in Oregon. It would be nice to get back in touch with you.

Bloghini said...

Laurel - you captured the day PERFECTLY! And I had the BEST bridesmaids!! I really appreciate all the hard work that everyone put in on Curt's and my wedding, but I really needed my sister and my two dearest friends there with me for it to be perfect...thanks for everything! And thank James too...that man really pulled out all the stops for us! Sorry for the late response...I'm late with everything these days - thank you cards, blogging, emails. Love and miss YOU bunches!!