Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Blessed Christmas in '08 PART 1

Christmas Part 1 took place in James' home town of La Vernia, Texas with his family. First is this ghost-like photo I took of Wendy in his folks' back yard (It freaked me out! Click on it to enlarge it and check out the aura around her little body! YIKES! I had to pray that night cuz it just kind of spooked me, but it is rather pretty.) Next, and not necessarily next, you see, I don't recall the order of these events! I'm doing good just to lump the La Vernia pics together and the Houston ones in the next set! Anyhow, here we are with Nicole and Yankton at the San Antonio A&M Club Christmas party! Nicole and I got up and sang I believe 3 karaoke songs including Manic Monday by The Bangles.
Nicole and Yankton belting it out!
While with James' family, we all went to Schlitterbaun (sp?) and Wendy got her picture taken with Santa and Tommy Sean's girlfriend, Leslie. She looks like that famous painting of a cherib in this shot I think!
We did Christmas with James' mom's side of the family several days early, and while others were taking the family group photo, I angled my camera up and "ta da!"
I loved these that I took while we were just hanging out at his folks' house.

A tender kiss between "Little James" and Wendy.
One of the highlights was having the pleasure of meeting James' friend, Scott's, brand new fiance!! They're a lovely couple and we're very excited for them!
At dinner....Wendy sometimes was a bit squirmy in her highchair, and screamy, but overall, she was pretty good.
With her Grandma.
With Grandpa, Daddy and a COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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