Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Fun Idea for All Ma' Home-Bloggahs!

At Julie's wedding, one of the groomsmen said that every year, they take a photo of their daughter in his wife's bridal gown. I thought that was so sweet as she will eventually grow into it! Isn't that PRECIOUS?? So, I challenge all those who take a look at my blogspot and who have a son or daughter, to take a photo of your little one in either your wedding dress, your husband's tux or suit (which you could keep even if it goes out of style, just to capture your son's evolving image in the thang!), or a prom dress or something special to you! THEN, post a comment below this post so that I can see who's done this, and who's (if any --please do this. It's FUN!) posted their pictures to their blogspot! Oh, goodie! I hope some of y'all do it!


Luke's Momma said...

What a beautiful princess!
haha..I just got a mental image of little Lukie in 6 food 5 daddy's suit!

Texana said...

Wendy, How cute you are!!!

AKat said...

I love this idea! I may link this to my blog, if that's ok?! What a great idea!!