Sunday, July 19, 2009

Funny Child

So, the other day, I was watching Wendy play in the tub. I was slouching against the bathroom door, under fluorescent lights, on the cold linoleum, just trying to keep her company but very groggy. Don't worry! I could not possibly have fallen asleep with those uncomfortable circumstances, but I did close my eyes here and there as I listened to her chirping, giddily interacting with her ducky, bath tub dolly and other "friends." Then she noticed my eyes. I opened them and closed them, just trying to fight off the fatigue of this severely debilitating pregnancy. And she said, and I promise this is true, all of it, in a soft, deliberate tone, "Open your eyes." So I did. "Close your eyes." So I did. Several times. Then she said, "Close your eyes. 1-2-3-4-Now go to sleep." SHE WAS TRYING TO HYPNOTIZE ME! Now, where on Earth did she learn that mantra?!?!?! I was so surprised. She says the cutest things these days. And at a buffet, she mixed her sorbet with vanilla ice cream and nuts, and I asked her about it, and she said, "I'm the COOKER MAN! I'm making you Brumbleberry PIE! It's DELICIOUS!" When I'm nauseous, as I was two nights ago, getting up twice in the middle of the night to get sick, she says, "Mommy? Are you not happy?" I say, "I am, Honey. It's just that sometimes I don't feel very well because I have the baby in my tummy." Then, if I pep up later and she can tell I've improved, she asks, "Mommy, did you take the baby out of your tummy?!" Reasonable question, I suppose. If she spills milk on her top, she laments, "Oh DEAR! I'm messy! I'm not beautiful ANY more!" If she spills water on herself, she says what I've taught her, "I spilled water but don't worry! It will AIR DRY!" Her hair is still "scrambled eggs," as my mom accurately describes it, and I think I'm going to let her bangs grow out, but before I comb it back into a "do," she looks like Harry from Dumb and Dumber. James studies her in the morning and asks, "Laurel, should we get her hair cut?," but we can't because she still has a mullet of sorts. The side hair is still so wispy and short, what style could they give her other than a chili bowl? Then she'd look like Floyd from Dumb and Dumber. She's so cute though, and I like having enough to put up into loops with Fancy Nancy clips, so it's her "look" for now.

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The Bethancourts said...

that is so dang FUNNY! Wendy the Hypnotizer! I love it when they say the weirdest things! John is just starting to put 3 & 4 word sentences together and some things he says blow my mind and make me laugh!