Friday, July 24, 2009

Catching Up

These pics aren't in the right order, but are still somewhat recent, so first, we took Wendy to Sand in the City, an event sponsored by James' work, and Wendy had quite a bit of fun playing in the wet sand. She was a tad tired though.
Now, THIS is a snowcone! One of my very first cravings with Kibble.

We went swimming one day with Colleen, Anna and Cole. Wendy and I got a lot of sun. I covered her in protective lotion, but failed to get my own back, which is still red!!!

Before Frank and Becky Kay moved on, we got to see them one last time. We enjoyed Mexican food and good conversation. Becky's and my hands are the same size. We both have short hands.


Sean and Stephanie said...

I love the hand shot. It looks like you're praying. And love the sun rays streaming in.

The Jasters said...

My parents said they had a wonderful time visiting you guys! My mom said Wendy is adorable and said the funniest things when they were there. Hopefully we will get a chance to see you guys in August!