Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Last Night Etc.

Last night, my sweet James and I had a much-needed dinner out without the Woo Loo. It was a RELIEF, and there truly is no better word for it, RELIEF, to be able to eat slowly, complete thoughts and sentences, focus on each other and not have to be in a constant state of split interests. Wendy is more precious than ever, but she is demanding-demanding and it's tiresome, I have to admit. We sat outside of the Historic Reserve Restaurant and the weather was perfect. Our waiter, however, left something to be desired. We figured his problem was just that he has a terrible memory. After he brought my chicken, I waited at least 15 minutes for a fork and knife. We had to remind him twice for waters, twice for salt and pepper, and he forgot to use our coupon towards our bill. We still tipped him because he was very nice, but just, wow, terrible memory. And he was young! And it was slow! The crabcakes were frozen in the center, so we had to have them re-do them, but the food is AWESOME there, y'all! And it's so neat to be in this 150-year-old historic home. We discussed the baby (who is kicking me daily now--Yay God!), the future, and a baby moon perhaps 6 mos. after the birth of Kibble. We'd love to return to the same resourt in Mexico we enjoyed for our honeymoon. So, the first pic is the one I took of James, which I LOVE! Love the lighting and his precious face so much! And next, is the one of us, taken by the forgetful waitor. My face is getting rather fat now, but I'm just glad to have this Kibble kicking me, so that's a small, chubby sacrifice! The last pic is from the other day, when my relatives, Becky Kay and Frank drove through! Tonight they're heading our way again and we'll all go out to dinner. They've had a lot of fun out here and have yet to see more of this part of the country before returning to Texas.

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Sean and Stephanie said...

Prospects in Texas for the future!??! OOOO! What's that all about?

Your face does not even look a little bit chunky, Laurel. You are radiant!