Saturday, July 04, 2009

Our Trip to California!

These aren't in order, of course, because I'm doing this and I'm scatter-brained, especially now in my second trimester! We had a fantastic trip to California for Scott and Kim's wedding! On the way, we stopped at this roadside shop, It's A Burl, and admired the most incredible handcrafted wooden treasures...

Wendy did quite well during the driving days, although at times, she was quite demanding and chatty!

During the course of the vacation, ANY park we saw, of course we took full advantage and tried to get her toddler energy out before another stretch of driving!

On the way HOME, yes, these are WAY OUT of order, we stopped by the Jelly Belly Factory because our other fieldtrip had been Alcatraz and we wanted something up-beat this time!

We ate twice at Black Bear Restaurant, and Wendy loved the "Greeter Bear!"

A giant Redwood. I didn't know there are so many redwood forests bordering us and California.

Golden Gate Bridge. Kind of creeped me out because of a special I saw this year...

On the boat to Alcatraz...Man was it winding-cold!

I put my wool coat on the Woo Loo because hers was tucked in Daddy's bag when we split up for a while.

After playing in the water outside in sunny, HOT AND DRY California.

On a dragon in San Fransisco!

I don't LIKE sushi!

The other thing we did a lot of was get in the water!

Wendy loving on her "Tommy Friend" at the rehearsal.

And me, trying to contain a rowdy little squirmy girl...

Speaks for itself. How cute is THAT?

Wendy took a liking to Mr. Kyle during the reception. They were adorable together!

I went ga-ga over the bride's gown and her bridesmaids' dresses!

With Mr. Kyle again. Of course!


The New Couple, and the last two are of a little girl and her father, who will one day have to give her away.

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