Friday, June 04, 2010


We're moving back to Texas, y'all!!! After months of negotiations, consideration and lots of prayer, we have decided to return. I would be more specific, but this is the internet, so I'd better not. Y'all know though! It's happening quickly--we'll be gone by the 23rd of this month! Please pray for us---that 1) This is God's will (it's got to be after all our prayers!), 2) For traveling mercies, 3) That our house sells quickly (A BIGGIE!) and 4) That we will successfully serve God and others in our new home. Alrighty then!


Texana said...


Debbie said...

I am so glad to hear of your return to Texas, Laurel. Are you going to live in Houston? David and I are in Austin now. We moved here a year ago. I'll be praying for you guys. Happy Moving,
Debbie and David Ogletree

Lindsay Newcomer said...

Hey Laurel,

I'm excited y'all are moving to our town! =) Call us if you need any help moving, getting settled, or whatever. My number is (979) 777-7631 and my email address is

Charles said...

Hi Laurel-

I heard from Carol who heard from Julie that you guys are comming back to town! If you need anything at all or help in the transition let me know 979-575-3517 ( WPC has changed a lot (new bigger sanctuary, lots and lots of little kids- my daughter Elliot is turning 1 soon). We are excited to have you guys coming to town.

Really, call or email if you need anything or have any questions about neighborhoods, schools anything!

Laura Ackerman