Monday, June 21, 2010

Lincoln's 6 Months!

My son is half of a year old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I cannot believe it! At 6 months, our little Linc is so wonderfully Linc, I can't remember our family without him! Ahem, allow me to summarize what he's been "up to" these recent weeks.
His laugh is incredible. It's a squeal. He has "smiling eyes," you know, the crescent-shape some folks' eyes make when they are happy? And his blue peepers sparkle. His smile is boyish. Not delicate one bit. Just sort of rugged. He's got dimple-like indentations at the corners of his smile. Most of all, I love that squeal.
Yesterday, we had to change his diaper on the side of the road, on our way to the coast. James held him up while I stripped him from the waist down. The breeze must've been delightful because you should've heard him giggle! He kicked his legs, as if bouncing in the cool air, with such joy! It was adorable!
He's cuddly. Oh my. And he's easy. Put him here. Give him a wooden spoon. He's good. He loves to people-watch. He loves ---and this may sound bad but just hold on---he loves napkins. Okay, so we hold him at a table, and his pie-grabbers go for everything in sight, especially paper napkins! And immediately, he seizes a corner with his rugged man smirk and then with both fists goes to town shredding the thing like mad!!!!!!! We watch to make sure he doesn't swallow any shredded bits, but in no time flat, the boy's shredded the thing like a shark. He bounces on your lap whilst he does this. It's so stinkin' cute and hilarious!!!!!!!!! James and I laugh so hard we tear up. He's quite...enthusiastic doing that trick!
His legs are short, chubby and bowed, and is big toes are still remarkably disproportionately long, which is just his signature detail. It's precious.
He pulls his knees up under himself and bounces, but otherwise, he rolls around instead of crawl.
His babbling sounds like talking, especially a lot of "Mamamamamama," when he's displeased with something.
His head is blond, fuzzy and when James brings him to me to nurse, we call him our baby mole. He is soooooooo sweet and precious.
Wendy is growing so quickly, too. We took them to our friend, Angela's, ballet, and afterward, when she got to give the bouquet to Angela, she asked, "Why does Angela have whiskers on her eyes?" We got a good laugh at that! Wendy has a cute way of asking questions or making comments like, "Oh, Mommy! I love this mall! I haven't been here in a long time OR a short time, have I?" If I encourage her to eat something new, and she's grossed out by it, she'll refuse it and then after I throw it out, she'll remark, "But MOMMY! I became liking it now!"
I am amazed by how similar their personalities appear to be at this point. Linc seems animated and extroverted so far. We'll see.

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