Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Carnival! Parade! Carnival! Oh, my!

Our summer here has been mostly rained out, except for the occasion day or few-day stretch of sunshine. We take advantage of everything outdoor and cheap. This first set of pics is from the Fishers Landing Elementary carnival! Wendy and Anna enjoyed this together last year. It is a blast. Lots of parents involved, lots of money goes into this event, and it's magnificent! Colleen, Anna's mom, touches things, and they turn into gold. So, she put her tickets on prize items---and went home with a bag full of $10 toys! I tried for a Zhu Zhu pet, but alas, I am not as lucky! Still, Wendy had as much fun as a "stree-year-old" can have. Lincoln may have been a little tired....
Balloon Lady made Wendy a Pink Panther arm band!
Yeah, Brother was tired....
By the way, I hope Linc has my brother, Walker's legs. That would be awesome. Below, a fun game. Wendy gave up rather immediately and simply grabbed her donut and went to town.
The girls before we walked over to the carnival.
The next fun thingymabobber was the Youth Rose Parade---I doubt that was what it was called. Anyhoo, school bands and dancers made their way through Portland residential streets for crowds in lawn chairs. I got Wendy and Elizabeth Mabel large inflated My Little Ponies from a vendor. That was a hit, y'all.
Luz loving on Lincoln.....
Wendy loving on her Elizabeth. Elizabeth is just as beautiful a child as I KNEW she would be. To see her as a toddler is just precious to me, and soon she too will be a big sister!
Before things got started, we walked down to the same neighborhood cafe I had eaten at the day before with my friend, Lisa, who lives in the same neighborhood!
Next on the calendar was the Cam Town Youth Carnival. Oh, and no, that there below is NOT a look of joy. Wendy was TERRIFIED and I had to jump up there and rescue her!!!!!!
After, um, about four or five tries, meaning LONG waits in line only to fail completion of the "experience" and have to get back in line, Wendy FINALLY went down the slide----with Anna. Yay, Anna!
"Mommy, I DID IT and I'm not afraid ANYMORE!"
I swear, Anna gives her wings, and we are SO going to miss Anna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wendy likes puffed up, hollow, vacuous sugar poof-das...a lot.
So, there you have it. Some of what we, IE, the kids and me, have been up to. Other than that, it's been a lot of moving prep work and sickness. Ugh, yucky sickness. I hate colds.

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Don't worry - when you get home to Texas we'll darken up that snow white skin for you..... :)