Thursday, June 03, 2010


I am trying, in earnest, to take better care of myself and of my appearance.
I have slashed the following from my diet---chocolate. fast food. alcohol. fatty lattes. chips. Groan, groan, groan. I have added---grumpiness. Ha ha!
No, seriously, I have added the following as my "splurges"---organic milk because it's just creamier (2%), organic honey oat cluster cereal (together, this is my special treat at night when I'm craving a swiss cake roll or chocolate-covered donut.) I eat locally made flaxseed and sesame chips for salt cravings. I substitute extremely spicey dressings for globby fatty ones. I'm buying organic, pure, fresh things, perishable bottled condiments and I'm trying to satisfy myself with bagel sandwiches, avacados, pure cheeses, fresh meats and things that are wholesome for me, and for Linc as I'm breastfeeding.
I'll be honest wit'cha. I aint satisfied. I would be lying if I said I don't miss donuts, wine, fries and other beloved fat bullets. But I am not satisfied with my shape, and as my body is a temple, and we are to care for our temples, well then, it's about time I started.
I walked 3 miles today with my neighbor and our little girls just chatted each other a tale in their side-by-side strollers. Mine's wider and more cumbersome, of course, because it houses two cheerens. I'm trying. I really, really am.
My goal is to be 125 lbs. Funny thing, when I was in high school, the goal was 100. Then I looked emaciated at 100, so after college, it became like 110. Then as I approached late 20's, 115 was ideal for me. Right now, my body is comfortable staying way higher than it should be, but I'm going to go for 125.
I will write a big ole celebratory post when I get there. I say "when" because I hope to succeed. Might take a LONG time, but I want to do it right. Please pray for me, okay? A celebrity (can't remember who) said, and I quote, "It feels better to know that I'm healthy and look as fabulous as I can, than to eat fill-in-the-blank in that moment of temptation." In the moment, in front of the piping hot donut station, that's when the test is real. Ugh. Prayer.


Texana said...

Good for you for trying to eat better, but instead of thinking you are depriving yourself, imagine the fat globules circulating in your blood, blocking your arteries.....after a while, just smelling the hot grease will turn your stomach....I promise... been there.

Texana said...

oh, did that sound preachy? Didn't mean it that way....I have come a long way since you last saw me at beating my carboholic ways, and I really am proud of you for wanting to eat more healthfully. Good for you!!! Yea!!!!!

Blessed2bemommy said...

You can do it Laurel! You are almost motivting me to go back to being more strict and lose those last 5 pounds to put me at my goal weight of 142 which is 17 pounds MORE than yours.....LOL.

Blogahon said...

Laurel, you are so funny! I have to say, as long as I was nursing, my body would not let go of the last 10 pounds. I guess with some women it just comes off with nursing, but I am always STARVING when I nurse.

Also, maybe it's better to not pick a number. Why value yourself based on a number the scale gives you? Just eat right and exercise to the point of feeling good and good about yourself.

Either way, you are beautiful and look great just as you are, and I am happy we'll be seeing more of ya (skinny or "chunky") since you'll be moving back to TEXAS soon! :)