Thursday, October 14, 2010

Have I got the man for the job!

My searching is over. I FINALLY found a guy who knows vaccums and fixes them quickly and charges very little for his services. I got him to take a look at my vacuum for a bowl full of apple and rice! Plus...he looks so cute in his muscle shirt!
"It should work fine now, Maam." "Problem was simple. You gotta remember to empty out the dirt---right here."
As I stood over and learned, "And this, it's a good idea to replace these things every now and then. I'll check my shop to see if I have one. You can have it if ya got some of those sweet baby wafers."
Here are a few cute ones of the moments after James got home from work one day last week.

And Wendy was so ecstatic that she was up in the tree!
That's my girl!
I enjoyed a weekend BY MYSELF---ALL WEEKEND LONG! First time! Yes, James took the kids to La Vernia so that his folks could enjoy some time with them, they could go to the game, etc, and I got to see Nicole! And her folks! They came in Sat. morning, her folks went to the Aggie-Missouri game, and Nicole and I got to go out for a luxuriously quiet 3-course lunch, java shakes from Sweet Eugene's, and a nice drive around town. We later got her folks and had dinner at the Blue Baker. I couldn't get over how adorable her folks looked in their fan-fare, so I want to share with you all just how spirited they are!
These pics of The Woo Loo are from about a week or so ago---In her classroom, with her new hairstyle, and reverting to babyhood.

By the way, last night, Linc said "turtle," for all of us, twice, in the tub! I showed him a turtle and he repeated the word! SO PROUD!

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