Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mini Bridal Me

When Wendy was a wee toddler, I pulled her wispy blond strands up into a top-knot and slipped her tiny body into my heavy, beaded bridal gown and "snap! snap! snap!," took her pics. Last night, I did this again---so it's been a couple years since we last did this. So fun for me to see how she's changing. If I do this every 2 years or so, we'll get to watch her grow into my dress, literally. Talk about self-indulgent. So, this first one is of her at, I believe, 2 years old. Scroll down and see last night's photo session! "Oh Mommy, you are so silly."
"Since Mom says I can't marry Daddy or Lincoln, I guess I'll marry a prince."
"with lots of money for Zhu Zhu Pets."

"This is the last picture, Mom, because I want to play with my new tea set! Hmph!"
If I want to cry, gazing at my little girl in my bridal gown now, how will I feel when she is 20 or 30-something, and I'm taking her to the boutique to choose her own gown? That she will wear in her own way the day she leaves us and cleaves to another? SOB!!!!!!

A Poem I Wrote for Wendy~~

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a Time,
I traded jeans for crystals
Your father seized my yearning heart,
A pillow held our symbols--

These rings became the shot
that rang out to potential,
the shot that set the race ablaze
and made your life essential!

Once upon a Time,
the story's still unfolding
Some day in your future,
A rugged hand you're holding

And you will trade your denim
for a sparkling train of glory,
and then, my darling baby girl,
You will begin your story!

And I will be a crying mess, but filled with joy for you.

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