Sunday, October 10, 2010

Life...As We Know It

At this time in the life of our family, there isn't too much wiggle room, so I have the opportunity to truly study my children. These two babes, with whom I share this life in transition, are each enormous wonders to me. I find Linc's day-to-day changes remarkable as he is like a bean that I planted in a small Dixie cup, in this small spot, three months ago, but has grown, rather rapidly, out of larger and larger-still pots! His 9-month old body wears a size 18 months-2!!! His once baby like hands are now these massive, strong manly hands that I know will one day wax his truck, and take the hand of his first love. And, within the confines of this rented townhouse, Wendy's fantastic imagination moves these walls and takes her places I get to witness on a daily basis! Sure, James and I miss our yard, our garage, and all of our stuff that's in storage at our folks' houses, but for Wendy, home is home as long as she has her basics--Pooh Bear and Company, my homemade concoctions, and love.
Wendy, in her flights of fancy, completes fanciful monologues~~I mean she comes full-circle with the why's and how's of her stories. Her mind never stops. And, she simply says the cutest things, which I want to make sure to share here, as I don't know where I stored her quote book!
The other day, I told her she'd be going with Daddy and Linc to a park, and would be meeting up with Daddy's good friend, Kyle, and his two kids! I told her he has a son, 3, and she'd surely have a marvelous time playing with John. At first she said, "I can't play with him because he is a boy." I replied, "Boys make great friends, too, Wendy!" Then she said, "Well...and it's okay that he's only 3, because when I was 'stree,' I was QUITE NICE!" She came back later that evening and said, "Even though he is a boy, I still had fun playing with him, Mom! I CAN BE FRIENDS WITH BOYS!"
When she is being disciplined, she cries out loud, "Boo HOOOO!," because she thinks that's how one is supposed to express profound sorrow! James and I always struggle not to laugh.
I've got lots of short-term goals for the kids---Trying to grow Wendy's hair long, and her bangs, out. It's at a tricky stage. Trying to wean Linc for several reasons--his teeth and claws HURT me, he needs cow milk at 12 mos and needs to be able to take fluids from a bottle or sippy cup, and so that James and I can leave him with someone now and then. Wow. Does he fight it! TEMPER TEMPER!!!
Below are some pics from this last week--Last night, Daddy got her started on a paint craft, and together, she and I finished it! She was sooo excited!

Linc just loves to rough-house. What big ole boy doesn't like that?

Yeah, here is a momentary glimpse into Wendy's wild imagination. What?! You don't get it?! Hello, Tex has popcorn sunglasses of course!

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