Saturday, August 13, 2011

Goofy Happenings

Goofy happenings happen all the time around my house-------Below, Linc thought it'd be funny to wedge his cute lil' arm behind the hutch.

He moved on from that short-lived amusement ("MOM!!! NO! UH!" to which I responded, for the fourth time, by going over and removing his appendage from behind the furniture) to watching his favorite youtube videos~

Then he continued to terrorize everyone with another jabby thing he found. Check out his shadow here!

"OH MY GOSH, LINC! NO!!!!!!!"

Some of Wendy's creations~


Linc working on one of HIS creations!

Little guy on a tall chair...

"Wendy and Pooh."

Her up-coming birthday party, which she anticipates with great joy!

A visit from J's folks---this is the best game ever.

So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And how's THIS for sweet?!

One day, "napping." What-EVAH! Sooo cute when they play nicely.

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KatieLee Photography said...

LOVE the cookies pic. Linc is awesome........