Saturday, August 13, 2011

I love them so!

Baking with Dad ~ while listening to Lazy Town's "Cooking by the Book!"
And baking with Daddy again! Look at Linc's steady hand!

Play date---Wendy had been SOBBING because she couldn't find her Pooh --we'd just found it, on the floor beside a chair.

Linc was brutally attacked by fire ants---James estimates between 70 and 80 times, mostly on his one foot and hand. We stood there beside him, he screamed, we grabbed him up, but those ants all bit like crazy while James did his best to swipe them off!

We had friends over for dinner one night, and Linc played with Mr. Bill, and Mr. Bill was just LAUGHIN' cuz Linc insisted on wearing this!

For the love of Pooh Bear...

...matching dresses.

Calling Grandma and Grandpa!

Wendy's twin who, just like Wendy, is lively and fun and hilarious. And they both have pre-auricular pits.

One of Wendy's recent drawings. Cute, huh? I did the writing.

One day, they were stinky, so I put them in the hamper as a reminder to wash 'em.

My mom thought it would be a cute touch to make a badge for Wendy to wear at her Aunt Tiffany's baby shower. I thought so, too, so behold what decorated Wendy's chest!

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