Tuesday, August 02, 2011

4th of July Etc

So at my folksies', I got some lovin's in wit my nevie, Ben. 'Course da Linc wasn't all that okay with it.

It is my hope that these two guys will be super close and have each other to lean on in the midst of all the goils all around them!

One afternoon, I did a rather smart thing I thought (sorry for the bragging)! There is a Goodwill near my folks' neighborhood, so I went in and seized a GINORMOUS bag of random toys for chunk change! Now these are not "great" toys by any means, but still, novel for little ones and worth hours of entertainment. Included were Barbies from the 50's!

All clothes for dolls must FIRST be tried on Pooh Bear!

Pooh Bear 101. When dressing Pooh, one must roll up any excessively lengthy articles, ensuring a comfortable fit.

"Allow Pooh Bear expert to assist in any difficulties that may arise due to a somewhat compromised body belonging to Pooh Bears in the aged community."


Just waking...

Daddy's here! I'm blogging this late, I know, today is the 13th of Aug, but as I'm thinking of it, wanted to mention that Linc now, when he sees me, says, "Hi Mom." Ha ha.

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Happy Family!

Taking a break at the mall. Wendy and Linc saw kids with balloons so we had to get one and waited while the not-so-busy gal blew a couple up for us, and we were on our merry way. Kids. Balloons. What's the dealio?

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At this mall, I found a boutique that sold most items for a buck, like this flower headband. Wendy likes to pretend to be asleep.

Lincoln likes to be asleep.

"Ha ha! I'm not REALLY asleep!" "Shhhh! Don't wake Linc!"

My grandmother in between her friend, Suzon, and my dad. I love her so much.

My mom took this pic because I'm in my goal size at last. This dress was super cheap-o at Target!

Posted by PicasaOutside, he hunts, he waits.

He has this new funny face he makes, squinting like this and smirking. Does it all the time to pretty girls out and about.

He's my cute baby boy.

Now for great pics of Hattie's 5th birthday party!!!!!!!!!!!! Wendy and Mary Ellen dancing~

Fret not. Wendy's snorkeling.

Posted by PicasaDarling pic of Hattie!

Me with Stephanie~~~

With my M.E.

My brother, Sean, has also lost weight, and he looks so HANDSOME! And Stephanie loses her weight fast, and looks gorgeous. I wonder how much weight we've all lost, totalled up?

Posted by PicasaCute brother o' mine! And just like my other brother, Walker, Sean's a sweet person.

The good thing about a kid Linc's age, at a birthday party, is he isn't quite yet jealous that the gifts aren't his, and has a giggly time just stomping on wrapping paper and stuff.

Sweet Cousins. 2 months apart.

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