Sunday, August 14, 2011

Linc Thinks of Another!

First Pic~ Linc is gathering up the sidewalk chalk eggs from Easter, of which there are four.
Second Pic~ He examines two, and something magical happens deep inside his toddler brain! He remembers that SISSY likes the PINK one!Third Pic~ He holds the pink one up to my face and says, "Diddy," for Sissy, and I say, "Yes!" He then calls out loud for Sissy and hands her her pink chalk egg!

Fourth Pic~ Wendy is sooo excited that Lincoln thought of HER! As soon as she arrives on spot, Linc has a brief change of heart, and turns from her.

Fifth Pic~ I encourage him to give it to Sissy, so he does, Sissy is elated, and he's left thinking, "Okay, I did something good, but I kinda think I want it back now." Ah, we were ALMOST THERE!

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